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Antipasti & Insalata Martinos Trattoria

Martino’s was established to provide the best of Italy in Ireland.

Martino’s offers good and affordable food in a convivial casual and comfortable environment.  Check out our Ristorante-style food in a friendly and casual atmosphere.  You will love our authentic Italian dishes!  Many of our customers love to watch the chef working his magic across the room and to see our sizzling pizzas cooking in the pizza oven.  Give us a call now to book a table where you can chill out to the sound of good music. We want to bring to you that personal touch that was only available in Italy.

Martino’s Executive Chef is Luca Rivero.  Luca is passionate about good food, business and football.  He hails from Biella at the foot of the Italian Alps.  Biella is in the region of Piedmont, home of the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines.  The first walls were built around this beautiful town in the tenth century to defend it against barbarian aggression.  Over the past ten centuries, it has established a worldwide reputation as a sophisticated centre of commerce and tourism.  It is home to Nino Cerutti, the famous businessman and couturier, the Fila brothers who founded the famous sports brand in 1911 and Zenga, the world famous tailors.  Football is close to every Italian’s heart and Luca is no exception.  He is an avid supporter of ACF Fiorentina from Florence in Tuscany.

Pride in what we do – Quality, value and variety

Luca’s mission at Martino’s Trattoria is to consistently deliver a interesting affordable food offering to his customers.  He loves to work closely with suppliers to get the best ingredients at the right price.  “We make everything – chicken and vegetable stock, béchamel sauce pizza dough – everything”.  With these foundations in place, Luca and his team confidently look forward to producing great food.

Martino’s Trattoria is the first place in Dublin to serve Arancini, a traditional Italian dish made with rice balls and stuffed with several ingredients. Other than that, you’ll still have authentic dishes with great quality, innovative desserts and a selection of wines.

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